The Adventures of Chin2x



Where amateurs meet amateurs. 
No pressure. 
No academic. 
Just Fun and the Love for Cosmos!

     Are you passionate about the cosmos  and curious about the mysteries it hold? Are you just starting in the field of astronomy? Do you want to become a part of a group where fun meets learning? Do you want to join a club of amateurs where pressure is at the last of the list . If all of your answers are yes then be one of us. Just post your names and at the comment box for those who are interested or you may reach us at

Even if you are no longer an amateur, you are still welcome to join our club!

"Looking Ahead for Halley's Comet in 2061"

      AAP is now going online with Facebook. Please join us as we explore the vastness of the universe. If you have a Facebook account, please add us to your list of groups. See you there!

     Equipment must never be a limitation to whatever we do in life. However, astronomy presents a different thing since a bigger telescope will allow bigger and better views of almost every astronomical object visible from our planet. With this in mind, the AAP would like to invite you to contribute to our fundraising to purchase a 10 inch dobsonian telescope for the organization to use during official functions.

    A 10 inch dobsonian telescope has a limiting stellar magnitude of 14.7 which means that it can see fainter stars. And the generous aperture will definitely allow viewing of thousands of deep sky objects. What's most important about this is that this class of telescope will allow many people, through the various efforts of the AAP, to appreciate and know the beauty of our galaxy and the place of humanity in this universe.

     It is our goal to purchase a good telescope such as a 10 inch dobsonian in one year to aid us in different star parties and to be able to reach out more to the Filipino public and foster in them awareness and love for the night sky. We hope that in one year, starting today - February 4, 2011 - we will be able to purchase such telescope for future applications.

    For AAP members, let this be our goal. And let our motivation be the Filipino youth who have not yet encountered the stars and the night sky because of pollution and light ruining the vast starscape of the evening that our grandfathers and ancestors have once experienced.

  • Absindex (Planet Oz)
  • Marvin Xylon Montemayor (Cavite)
  • Crisel Tungala (Antipolo)
  • Maui Molina and kids (Bangued, Abra)
  • Jorge Echevers (Panama) 
  • Juan Elmer Salido (Las Pinas)
  • Carlo Salido (Las Pinas)
  • Andy Chua (Pasig)
  • Dan Casino (Brazil)
  • Liezl Inocencio (Cavite)
  • Melvin Capilitan (Antipolo)
  • Charlie Feir (Baguio)
  • Tin Olano (Paranaque)
  • Pocholo Mendiola (Cavite)
  • Jayson Martinez (Bulacan)
  • Carlo Bernardo (Marikina City)
  • Jay Ryan Pabon (Antipolo/Zamboanga City) 
  • Jowen Ray Pabon (Antipolo/Zamboanga City)
  •  Mark Arzadon (Pangasinan)
  • Gerry Gonzales 
  • Elliot Sicat (Quezon City) 
  • Henry Lapis
  • Bernadette Pilares
  • Girlie Ragsag 
  • Gigi Lamsen
  • Maria Concepcion (Quezon City)
  • Marvin Morata (Cavite) 
  • Jerri Michael Ambion (Cabanatuan City) 
  • Reynold Chong (Pasig)
  • Aissa Guilatco (Paranaque)
  • Eldren Lorence Ongco (Cebu) 
  • Teodoro Rico
  • Anthony (UP ASTROSOC) 
  • Erika Valdueza (UP ASTROSOC) 
  • Ruther Gonzales 
  • Vic <pending details> 
  • Shubhashish Banerjee (Taguig) 
  • Aris Martizana (Galas, QC) 
  • Armenia Rosales 


Anonymous said...

Ang galing naman...
good luck to us all.

Anonymous said...

first in the philippines.. akala ko ung ganito ay para lang sa nga graduate ng astronomy.... anyway WE ARE ALL ASTRONOMER IN OUR OWN LITTLE WAYS... mabuhay ASTRONOMERS ANONYMOUS OF THE PHILIPPINES (AAP)


Anonymous said...

Go!!! Go!!! Go!!! AAP!!!

Danilo I Casino Jr said...


Wow, Thumbs up to Alex & Crisel..
Didnt know meron na eto, hhehe, hope to met u all guys soon..
Goodluck to all, may the force be with US

absindex said...

Chin Chin and Everyone,

Well done! Good start!
Let's keep the torch alive.

And good luck to us all.

I'd really want to suggest one of the first objectives of this org, which is
"AAP:Looking Ahead for Halley's Comet in 2061"

And should this club reach 100 years and our descendant members then witness the great comet, let this moment not be forgotten - and they would look back to this point in time, where these people have paved the way for them and carried the torch forward.

Again, good luck to all!

Anonymous said...


Marvin Xylon Montemayor - Jaen said...

Congratulations to the AAP! Ate crisel, the logo looks terrific! Maybe you can replace the white background with dark blue or black and fill it with many many stars so it would look very astronomy-like. Job well done to everyone!

Marvin Xylon Montemayor - Jaen said...

And maybe make the lettering white. With your permission, can I get a copy of the photo and try some editing myself?

criseltungala said...

Hi all. Thank you very much for your warmth support for AAP. I know that this group will make its way to the top. Let us know if you have any suggestions or ideas on how we can make this club better. @marvin: i'll be sending you the draft para you can work on it. i just made it myself and i know that it still has room for improvement. @all: if you all have suggestions, please feel free to post your comments here as any inputs will be highly regarded

Anonymous said...

Good Job everyone!
Nice to know things are kicking....

Don't forget, one of the main objectives or long term mission of this org, is for our future future members to catch and look at Halley's Comet in 2061!

that will be a very monumental for AAP.

Even if we can not be there to witness the event.

But they, the future AAP members in that era, will look back to this specific point in time, when all of us now, created and paved the way for them for the future which is the founding of AAP.


Marvin Xylon Montemayor - Jaen said...

thanks ate crisel! please check my blog, too. I have made a post about the AAP. please do leave a comment for any improvement that I can do to the content.

criseltungala said...

@marvin: sure i'll be checking your blog from time to time. i wasn't able to send the file last night but i'll try to send it later once i got home. will this be just the jpg or the png file that you need?

Danilo I Casino Jr said...

Hi Guys, I admire you both Crisel & Marvin , much younger than me but made quite an introduction to our common interest.. thumbs up.. i wanna make my own blog too someday, i hope so soon, with the help of Alex and you guys.. ;) ;) got some job to do first before my hobby, am glad i met alex and these crew..

Il be home Nov 2nd week, hope to met you guys for a dinner.

Marvin Xylon Montemayor - Jaen said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog ate crisel. Credit must also be given to those who have contributed early to the formation of the AAP. And you deserve that credit as well as to everyone who are part of the AAP ^_^ of course, sir alex undoubtedly inspired everything! have you seen the post for the logo design invitation? I did an email address for the group. Here's the email address:

criseltungala said...

hi kuya dan. we are looking forward to meet you as well. ^_^ actually, i haven't seen the rest of the peeps except kuya alex and those that i have invited into the group. i hope we can all meet soon when we all have luxurious time. i am also working and at the same time studying so my schedule as of this moment would be very full. i would love to join anyone of you and get to know our groupmates as well :)

criseltungala said...

thanks marvin for the initiative. i'll be posting the email address here so that they can reach us anytime with you the moderator of course ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm.... I can now smell the scent of "coffee from Brazil" coming soon - compliment from Dan... :o)

Wow! Coffee beans from Brazil......
Must be luxurious and heaven!

absindex (man from the Third Rock from the Sun)

Anonymous said...

Hi All, we welcome Tin Olano from Paranaque
Welcome Tin....

May the force be with you.... :o)

"The force is strong with her...."
-Master Yoda

Dan said...

Welcome Tin..
like alex said, may the force be with u ;)

Anonymous said...

Erap Jokes:

Erap: "You know, we, the Filipinos have thought of a way to send a spacecraft and astronauts to the Sun."

NASA: "But how would that be possible Mr. President? The Sun is too extremely hot on the surface!"

Erap: "hehehe... that shows how primitive people you are. I thought NASA was on top of everything when it comes to science."
"Well, of course, we would land there during the night!"

criseltungala said...

nice joke...^_^

Marvin Xylon Montemayor - Jaen said...

I'd also like to introduce Pocholo Mendiola from Cavite. He lives near us and he has a 60mm refractor Alt-Azimuth mounted. I was informed that he is interested in 1. Joining the AAP and 2. buying a better telescope from absindex.

Marvin Xylon Montemayor - Jaen said...

@ sir Dan : Thank you and I'm sorry for this late reply! Sir Alex has told me great things about you and we all are looking forward to meeting with you as well as all AAP members and hopefully, have our first ever star party!

absindex said...

@Marvin: Hi Marvin and Chin Chin, is the email ad found above correct? would it not be the other way around?

This might get confusing?

Just asking.

Anonymous said...

Sir Maui,

paramdam ka naman :o)


Anonymous said...

cool! way to cool. a good start for evryone who loves the cosmos :)


Anonymous said...

Hi All, we'd like to welcome Jayson Martinez from Genesis Christian Academy, Bulacan.

Welcome, Jayson.

"In the beginning there was light...."

absindex said...

Hi all astronomers anonymous members.

We welcome Carlo Bernardo from Marikina City.

Welcome aboard Carlo!

The force is becoming strong..."
-Master Yoda

Marvin Xylon Montemayor - Jaen said...

@sir alex

Yes sir alex, the email address is indeed I was forced to take this address because is not available anymore.

absindex said...

Hi Marvin. Okay thanks for the clarification.
Is Pocholo Mendoza, our fellow club members, the same Pocholo making enquiry on the Sulit? I thought the name sounded the same.

Hello and WELCOME ALL!

How many are we now on the club?
Tin Olano just messaged me the other night and she also posted a comment here.

On the other note,
her telescope is on the way here and on sea, and what's quite funny is
"SHE IS GETTING A NEW ONE, IN BOX! for the 2nd / used price!"

Somebody made a mistake and sent a new one instead of the "used one" she bought in the first place.

I am sure she will be delighted to hear such.

Dan said...


Hello All.. Sorry na bz ako as always, si alex lang lagi ko nakakachat at mail pag vacant kunti.
anyways, Welcome sa new members..
*force getting stronger Lex, Thumbs up*

marvin-its ok lang, i know we have our own bz days as well..

I hope d na ako ma extend pa for more, para maka attend ako sa star party na yan hahaha.. courtesy ni alex, ehemmm lex, when ba un>? hahaha

criseltungala said...

wow. party..thanks kuya alex..hehehe

Marvin Xylon Montemayor - Jaen said...

@sir alex


yes sir alex, he's the same pocholo. I was chatting with him last night and I told him to send you a message over sulit.

Anonymous said...

From: absindex (the man from the third rock from the sun)

Hi Chin Chin, is Carlo Bernardo from Marikina City already in the list? Please update the list? Thanks.

Hmm... starting to smell the scent of "coffee" from Brazil. :0)

Welcome all!

Sali na po kayo sa AAP!
"Looking Ahead for Halley's Comet in 2061"

Anonymous said...

From: Pocholo Mendiola

Star Party :)

criseltungala said...

Hi all! Please support our AAP Group in Facebook. Just search and join Astronomers Anonymous of the Philippines. See you there! Anyway, please add yourself to my Astronomer Peeps at the side so that we can better promote our club. Thanks =)

absindex - The man from the third rock from the sun said...


Let's all welcome Jay Ryan and Jowen Ray to the Group!

Welcome po to both of you!

Sali na po kayo sa AAP.

Go Go Go AAP!

criseltungala said...

Hi Jay and Ray. welcome to the group. we also have another member. His name is Mark Arzadon from San Jacinto Pangasinan

Anonymous said...

welcome po sa AAP Jay, Ray, and Mark.

"May the force be with the three of you."
-Master Yoda


Anonymous said...

Hi All!

Carlo Bernardo here from marikina. Glad nakakapost na ako hehehe. blocked kasi sa office.

Hope we have a star party someday. dalhin ko yung duling (not collimated) bino ko hahaha.

Boss alex..promise one of these days, mabibili ko din yang scope na pinaguusapan long as wala pang buyer hehehe

Clear skies everyone!

criseltungala said...

Hi Carlo. Welcome to the group. Malapit ka lang pala. I'm from Antipolo lang kasi. I hope we can all meet some day. To everyone, thank you for your continuous support to AAP. More power to all of us.

Dan said...

Hi to All,

eto late post ulit ako, kaya welcome sa new members..
si crisel ang palagi present hahaha..
then part two, MOON party...

welcome to all..

"may the force be with us"

still stuck here in brazil

criseltungala said...

@Dan: Hahahaha. Join ka para mas masaya.. at least dalawa na tayong present. Try mo baka pwede ka ng magteleport =)

Dan said...

di ko pa na master yung instant transmission na turo sakin ni gouko hahaha ;)

Anonymous said...



absindex - The man from the third rock from the sun said...

Hi All!

Just to inform you, our fellow astromate from Baguio City, Charlie and his wife gave birth to a girl on October 21, 2010.
Just one day before the conception of the idea on "Astronomers Anonymous of the Philippines AAP" founded on 10/20/10

The girl was born under the sign of LIBRA!!!!!!!!!!! and at the time of Comet Hartley :0)

Congrats to Charlie and wife.

absindex - The man from the third rock from the sun said...

Hi again,

I've got a word just now that Sir Gerry Gonzales would like to be a part of AAP and join us.

He is a great guy and a GENIUS on cameras, highly techie guy!

It will be an honor as much to have him as the others on the group.

Pag may need kayo dun sa technical part ng mga camera nyo either a DSLR or point and shoot lang, he is the guy to look up to.

And also, if you would like to do "time lapse" photography. I am definitely sure he can help you how!

Here's the link on you tube that he shared to me.
Mind you that the camera he used in here WAS THE SAME CAMERA CANON 570IS PowerShot HE BOUGHT FROM ME ON SULIT.

Wow! I'm impressed!

Here take a look:

criseltungala said...

@anonymous: thanks for the support! =)
@kuya absindex: noted kuya. i'll be adding him to our list. he will be a great asset to all of us.
@kuya Gerry: welcome kuya to the group! i hope you can give us a lecture or two which we can use for astrophotography ^_^
@kuya Charlie: congratulations to your new baby. The joys you are about to experience will warm your heart. =)

Dan said...

Congrats to Charlie, new born sweet baby...

Sir Gerry, welcome....

absindex said...


look him up when the time comes.
Supr galing nya sa camera.
He will blow your mind off!
That's what happened to me during our first meeting.

I do still have my old Canon PowerShot A510 3.2MP
one of the earliest generation models of PowerShot.

After I've talked to him, I'll never look at my A510 the same way again.

He can upgrade the camera software, and you will be pleased.

Mabait pa sya! :o)
Thumbs up to him.

So for those any of you out there who own or still own any point and shoot Canon PowerShot series, and you were thinking you're outdated and envious of the many DSLRs that your peers have, well think again.


That is after you hear Sir Gerry speak to you about this.

We have another member coming in,
I'll meet him up tomorrow.
His name is Elliot from QC
He is interested to join AAP.
will send you details after.

Good work Chin chin and the rest.
You're leading the way...
I'm sure many years from now,
they would always look back to this point and thank you and all of us who all made the first batch!

criseltungala said...

hi kuya alex. just wondering if alalaine and bobby yatco will join aap? =)

absindex said...

I haven't heard from Ala (alalaine) yet. I'll wait till she replies.
Si Sir Bobby naman hindi ko pa din na email, will try soon.

Funny, these two are both working in Libis.

Dan said...


wow i wanna met and learn from sir gerry so soon..

Can we make Yahoo Group also? para sa mga updates and para makareceive din each member ng emails sa post..

absindex said...

Hi All,

@ Chin & Marvin,

Paki-add naman sa list si Elliot Sicat from QC
Just met him tonight. Nice young bloke.
He is deeply interested to join our group!

Madami na tayo :o)

Sana tuloy tuloy na.

criseltungala said...

Done adding. Welcome Elliot to the group. =)

Astronomers Anonymous of the Philippines said...

Welcome all AAP members!

In response to our growing population, we are now starting our very own blogsite! Please send in your recommendations for our Mission-Vision statement as well as our History (from ate crisel and absindex) for publishing in our blogsite. You can post a comment here in ate crisel's blogpost or you can send an email at

Marvin Xylon Montemayor - Jaen said...

Here's my humble view of what I think of the AAP :

criseltungala said...

thank you marvin for the initiative. =)

weedbreeder (carlob) said...

Hi Alex,

I have a canon A610. I used to think outdated na until I updated the software using CHDK. Now better pa sya sa ibang DSLR.... (Time lapse video, long exposure, scheduled shots like 1 30 second shot every 35 sec..great for capturing DSO with the right scope!)

Goldmine talaga ito, that's why kahit luma na, di ko pa pinagpapalit!

Di ko pa na add sa FB yung AAP. hope to add it soon.

Question pala...ok lang ba ang 90mm for astro scope? TY

absindex said...

@ Carlo:

Yes, Carlo, yun nga chdk and things. I'm glad you knew it, yan din inexplain sa akin ni Sir Gerry. Pagdating araw pag may dumating ako another A570IS try ko pa upgrade yung software. (para gusto ko nga mag sisi at nabenta ko yun A570IS sa kanya, ang ganda nun plus very fresh...) But anyway, okay lang naman kasi nasa US pa yun, nine-negotiate na nya. Kaya pala pilit nya hinahabol. So yun, nun ko lang nalaman na pwede pala sya upgrade, tama ka sabi nga nuya mas better pa in some ways sa DSLR yun sa mga "video fps" nya.

nakita ko message mo sa sulit, I already replied to you there, hope ma receive mo.
let's keep in touch.

Gong back to your Q on "90mm for astro scope?"
Did you actually mean, for astro photography?

My answer would be yes.
You would be surprised that great astro photos were taken by a mere 80mm (yun nga lang APO)

ang importante lang kasi is magkaroon ka motorized R.A. tracking (if not GOTO) para you can do long exposures.

Then, final touch will be done by any photo editing software. I'm sure may mga free naman na software sa net.


absindex said...

follow up:

As you know, typical din ako nangaangarap mag ka DSLR.

Now maybe I would reconsider a Canon PowerShot point-and-shoot na lang then upgrade ang software.

Di ba typical pag ang battery mo is "double A" pa, di ba minsan mahihiya ka pa ilabas yung digicam mo, kasi di ba ang cool is lithium-ion, pero hindi din kasi yun eneloop ng sanyo ang tagal din ng life grabe. mas daig pa minsan ang lithium-ion...

Astronomers Anonymous of the Philippines said...

Ate crisel, please include sir Henry Lapis to the growing list of AAP members. He contacted me via the AAP email over a week ago. Thanks! Hope all is well for you as well as to all AAP members!

criseltungala said...

Thanks Marvin. I've already included him in our list. I checked your blog and I saw other names as well so I just copied the rest of them here. To Mr. Henry, we would like to welcome you on behalf of AAP. =)

absindex said...


Hi All. Kumusta po kayo lahat?

Hi Chin, can we add to the list of our growing AAP members - Maria Concepcion from QC

She works for an interior design company, and maybe she can help us develop further the AAP logo.I've already mentioned this thing to her and she seemed to love the idea of contributing to the idea and on the whole aspect of the club as well.
Chin, ibigay ko na lang sa YM mo yun email nya at YM din? just so you two can know each other, she seems nice and very kind, perhaps your age, which I don't dare to mention here :o)

I haven't test the Hybrid yet on your Mizar, as the weather is a bit sully. I'll try tomorrow.

Lastly and most importantly, I hope your mum is okay by now? Hope so.

Regards :o)

criseltungala said...

Thanks kuya. I'll be adding her to the list. I know that Marian will be a great asset to the team. She may reached me at this email address: as I use this more often than my yahoo account. =) I'm very happy that our AAP family is growing bigger. I hope that we may all meet someday to formally launch AAP. good luck to all of us!!!

absindex said...

Life is hard nowadays....

and sad as well...

And I'm sure that each and everyone of us, try as much as to be positive about everything.

I've just got some unfortunate news that a long time friend of mine from the US had passed away this early dawn.

I remember him telling me many years back, that if and once he is about to die, he would want to go before the sun rises...

It was touching, so I was told, that he spent the last day of his life, watching the stars.

And it seemed that, his wish had been granted.

May his soul rest in peace now and join his Creator.

He was a good man.

"I have loved the stars too well,
to have grown fearful of the night."

absindex said...

Sorry, correction:

"I have loved the stars too well,
and not be fearful of the night."

absindex said...

My head was in a mess... :o(

Here it is the final one:

" I have loved the stars too well,
not to be fearful of the night."

Anonymous said...


Hi how are you?
pwede mo ba paki list si Marvin Morata from Cavite


Mariá Concepcíon said...

Hi all astronomers anonymous members.

Mariá Concepcíon here paramdam lang.. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hello and welcome Maria :o)

Viva AAP!

dan said...

Hello AAP'rs

finally im home...

welcome to all new..
hi maria c. welcome

absindex said...

Dan is here....

welcome home, sailor!

criseltungala said...

sa lahat ng mga namiss out ko --- WELCOME !!!
TO ALL: if you have noticed po at the post, we have several logos of the AAP. We would like to get your comments, suggestions and recommendations on how we can improve our Logo. If you have an idea in mind, feel free to tell us or you may even submit your own logos at this email address para i can post it here. we can vote for the logo that will represent our group. thank you =)

weedbreeder (carlob) said...


Dumating na kaya ang mga goodies natin from kuya Alex? hehehe

criseltungala said...

i believe most of his shipments are on the way na from the US. good thing though is that i'll be able to get my mizar this week =)

Anonymous said...

wow..27 members.. :D


Anonymous said...

@ Poch

Yes, 27 and counting.......


Anonymous said...

That's 27 + Jerri from Cabanatuan City = 28

28 and counting........... :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi to all!

So honored to be part of this group. We're looking forward to meeting all of you soon and share our adventures with you.

There is nothing more thrilling than seeing a whole different world for the first time with your own eyes. Thank you Alex, Crisel, Marvin and everyone else who had the wisdom to share their blessings with others.

Marvin Xylon Montemayor - Jaen said...

Welcome all AAP members! We have some developments at the AAP:

1. we now have a blogsite for the AAP where updates about our growing organization will be delivered. You can view it here :

2. we now have a forum website where everyone can share their thoughts, give advice and ask questions. You just need to register. You can view it here : *for registration instructions, please see the AAP blog.

3. We have new members, one is Reynold Chong from Pasig and a schoolmate of mine, Aissa Guilatco from Paranaque. Ate Crisel, please add them up. THanks ^_^

Congratulations AAP for our growing community!

Anonymous said...

yay! whens the star party na?:))
im having my new scope on tuesday! now i can participate thanks to kua alex hehehehe.

and, im planning to create a new army or shall we say new chapter of AAP in my school. coz i know there are many young students like me out there who loves the night sky. and so, I will be the FOUNDER there HAHAHAHAHA kidding!!

congrats to our community! cool! :D

--tin olano

weedbreeder said...

Wow! Congrats tin! puyatan to the max na yan lalo na ngayong panahon na ito na ilang weeks na puro perfect viewing skies ang in the forums ha?

Marvin Xylon Montemayor - Jaen said...

Hi all AAP members!

Please do not forget the GEMINIDS METEOR SHOWER tonight! Do not miss the year's greatest meteor shower. You can share your photos and other documentation at our forum site! Please do join the forums, registration is free!


Congratulations on your new telescope! Hope you can share some photographs and astrophotographs soon!

Clear Skies!

Crisel Tungala said...

it was a spectacular show last night. saw 11 meteors.. however, no data gathered.. mas naexcite akong makita sila kesa irecord..:)

weedbreeder said...

Yahhooo! makukuha na ni Chin scope nya... :P

Anonymous said...

sabay kayo ni teen teen, nag watch din sila ng mama nya t brother nya, she said she saw something like 10 streaks.


Crisel Tungala said...

yes sa wakas magkakatime na rin ako para makuha yung scope. we have agreed ni kuya alex na by saturday i'll be able to get mine.. i hope the weather will be good in Baguio para madala ko rin sya. sakto pa naman kasi sa Dec 21 at 4:17PM MLA time, makakaexperience tayo ng total lunar eclipse.. nice to see the moon go reddish orange again..hehehe.. good job to everyone who have witnessed the meteor showers.. super nice nya tlga :)

Anonymous said...

Hello! Any members here from other astro orgs eg. ALP, PAS, etc.?

Crisel Tungala said...

hi mr anonymous..i don't know if there's anyone here that came from other orgs but they are all still welcome to join..thank you also for giving some time checking our group ^_^

absindex - "The man who has always dreamed of a telescope, but couldn't afford one." said...

Hi Chin Chin,

How's school? hope things are going great for you, both for the school and your work.

I don't know if I've told you about "Anthony" from UP ASTROSOC, I've met him last December. And he's very much would like to join the group and be an inspiration to all of us, members of AAP. He is into "Auto Guiding" and he will be able to share his skills and expertise on the subject. He will also be helping us, particularly, you and Marvin, to streamline the AAP org. He's a very nice person.
He is from UP, so he is very nice.

Well, all who comes from UP are all nice.

absindex said...

"The mere sight of Saturn and its rings
is enough to make a grown man weep."

-Anonymous Amateur Astronomer

Crisel Tungala said...

Hi Kuya alex. so far the pressure in school is getting worse as the deadline is approaching fast and I need to beat it. ^_^ hehehe.. anyway, you did mention about Anthony but I totally forgot about him because of so many reasons. What is kuya anthony's last name? thanks ^_^

absindex - "That life to never come again - is what gives me a reason and the only excuse to dream of a TAL " said...

Chin Chin,

Is that Erika from "Stella's Gaze" I see in the list? Did she just join the AAP?

Wow.... :o)

chin2x said...

Hi Kuya Alex. I'm just not sure but this was given to me by Marvin in one of our conversations in FB. I think she is the same person but not really sure.. ^_^

absindex - I pedaled as fast as I could, as if I were escaping... from longing, from innocence, from her. Time has passed, and I have loved many women. And as they've held me close, and asked me if I'll remember them, I've said, "Yes, I'll remember you." But the only one I've never forgotten, is the one who never asked. From the movie: Malena said...

Well, I also see Anthony's name in there so it just makes sense.

I guess, that's "Stella's Gaze" no doubt.

Few you meet like her.
have you checked her blog yet?

Welcome to all new members!

May your journey with us to the stars
and the infinity beyond brings you as much joy as fun with us - together.


chin2x said...

Thanks kuya. By the way, I'm not sure if you have heard this already but someone posted a request to AAP. This was a message sent to me and Marvin only in FB. Marvin is already coordinating with the sender and still waiting for a response from them. The request was also shared to our peers which is posted in AAP's FB page. Here's what is written in the letter:

"Hi Marvin and Crisel. I've come across your blog and as well as AAP's. Come April 16-20, 2011 our group, Rainbow Camp will have its annual juvenile diabetes camp to be held in Hermosa, Bataan. It is for Type 1 diabetics ages 17 and below with this year's theme RC Galactica (Star Wars inspired). We will have a camp out on April 18 and it would be a perfect event for us to set a stargazing session. We are requesting for your technical support and we will be pleased to have you as our guest/s to share your knowledge on astronomy. In behalf of the group, I would like to invite you to make this activity a memorable one especially for the kids.

Hoping I could hear from you soon.


Cristabelle O. Ramos, RPh.
Over-all Head, RC Galactica
Rainbow Camp Foundation Philippines"

absindex - "I dreamed of TAL" said...

Hi Chin Chin,

I think that's a very good idea. So what did Marvin say? I'm sure he is delighted with it. I think Teen Teen may have hinted this a while ago to me as well.

Anyway, I hope you all could make it.
Let me hear yet from Marvin.
The last time we chatted, he's busy in school and all.

But, knowing him and how he likes kids, I'm sure he will oblige.

I'm sure you love it as well.

Good luck :o)

chin2x said...

Hi Kuya Alex. Here's the response from the said request.

Marvin Xylon Jaen:
"AAP Members, who would want to join in the April camp in bataan? I need your names ASAP because I will be sending them to the facilitators of the camp for approval. I am planning a 7-person delegation so slots are limited! Sir Dan and Sir Ted Rico have expressed their interest and their sponsorships of AAP pins and AAP t-shirt as prizes/gift items, respectively. Please do post a comment immediately. We also need telescopes for the event, anyone willing to bring theirs? "

I'd asked Marvin if he can reserve one slot for being the founder of AAP but it will still be your call . =)

absindex - "The man who has always dreamed of a telescope, but couldn't afford one." said...

Hi, try to reserve one slot for Carlo. He intends to join you. As far as for me, I'm not sure if I really can go.

I'm sure Teen Teen would also be coming?

Good luck to all.

Great start!

absindex - "I dreamed of TAL" said...

Have you also heard from Anthony (UP AstroSoc)?
I'm sure he is adept in such stargazing party and knows his way. He could really guide and help you.

With regards to telescope.
I think Dan's telescope should be enough?
If he is indeed coming with you?

Let's see if I have something here by then, which i can lend you.

perhaps a spotting scope could help.
I'm not sure yet, I'll try to check.


Anonymous said...

hello kua alex, i would loved to join but i too, is not sure yet since i have summer class that time and there are limited slots.

but i hope you could join kua alex :) and ate chin too!

--teen olano

chin2x said...

i hope we can really join just in case all our schedules will not conflict with the first AAP event =)

absindex - "The man who dreams of a TAL but now just lost his wallet." :o( said...

Tonight I just lost my wallet accidentally, it kind of slipped through my back pocket as I was wearing cargo pants - and incidentally hitchhiked in the back of a tricycle going home to save on fares.
I've met sir Peter a couple of hours ago in SM Fairview to check on his CG4 EQ mount for the measurement of his Vixen telescope which is still with me.

Ahh such luck - when it ran out on you - not good at all.
I've also lost some IDs :o(
such a bad night... Loss.

I'm sure most of you have heard about this "naming a star for your loved ones or for yourself."

well this is actually close to a hoax or rather fraud!!!

The truth is, only the International Astronomical Union agency is authorized to officially names "Stars."
And the agency uses alpha and numeric codes or sort of to identify and label such stars - not your crush, say, Papa Piolo, or the name of your favorite aunt or your favorite pet.

So even if you named one for yours or for your loved ones, be wary that these would never be actually recognized by the scientific community.

Except perhaps by you and by the enterprising agency - who sometimes asked you a little money in return for this name-a-star plot.

So be aware that this is nothing but a scheme to earn money and does fall just short of a being a fraud in perspectives.

Anonymous said...


Best regards,

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard from you and Marvin so far.... I hope all is well with you both.

Regards. said...

Guys I want to buy my 9yo kid a telescope, Nothing Fancy, he also likes taking pics with my Nikon DSLR. Can you guys recommend?
I saw pre-owned for sale +Venture RX-9 for only P8,750 and A70LF with VIXEN for P8,500. which is better?


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